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Brux's Musings
Did they still consider him a member of their pack? Brux did not know, though he did not consider himself so. He had his own pack now, his true brethren, ones who didn't merely want a rise in power and to backstab him. A pack he could trust. The piper hopped off the rock and walked down the path, through his old pack's nest. He never formally resigned from the pack, and they never kicked him out, yet long ago were the days that he truly felt he belonged there. They eyed him and murmured in much the way rats do; they said things like " 'er The Piper. 'e 'ain't bean 'round lately.", and questioning his motives. Some shifted more than usual and some just turned their eyes away. Brux didn't care; he rarely cared. Not about what they thought, anyways. Their goals were seriously misguided. The goddess gave them, the fermin, the rat-men, her children, the ability to finally take their place in the world by giving them humanoid stature. Humanoid, there had to be a better term for it. He'd rath
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The Piper is Born
It was the stench that caught him. His rat senses and their undeniable ability to pick out rotting corpses drew him quickly through the tunnels of the underground. Now he stood in a vast cavern in front of six dead rats, freshly dead and just starting to bloat. The gaseous smell of the chemical that had filled this cavern and had brought them to their untimely deaths still lingered in the air, and Brux wrinkled his nose at it. Other creatures had found their end and well, but he hardly felt they deserved what a rat did. Rats were the true rulers of the world, and the goddess had granted them the chance to make it known when she turned those thirty-seven into fermin, rat-men.
So Brux stood before the collected bodies of his brothers, calm and contemplative, his body relaxed and his muscles loose. His hand was curled around a length of polished bone, the nicest thing he's ever owned, and the one thing he keeps hidden from sight when around others, lest they decide its too nice for the ne
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One Step Closer
In the path of shadows, a lurker kept hidden. Sneaking down the path, an easy task in the dark and for a rat man, he skittered, his feet making neigh a sound and his presence making neigh a mark. The path lead down to the Grand Pack Master's nest, where he would gather all the pack leaders and decide their race's fate. A faint torchlight appeared as the fermin got closer, and soon he could hear voices. Outside the hovel, he stopped and waited, because he had to be sure. Hands ceased their rubbing together as he listened, his claws pressing against his skin in excitement.
Two voices spoke, but the watcher knew there were more than those two present. He could hear their words clearly, and the subject matter was no surprise. It was the Grand Pack Master, his voice very easy to pick out because of its slow, bored drawl he used that always sounded like he would fall asleep at any moment. The fat rat bastard had great power as the Grand Pack Master, power that he didn't deserve, and yet he w
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Brux's Flask
Brux flung the heavier end of the string into the lake below, sliding down the tree and sitting in the cool shade high on the cliff face. He was used to the coldness of the sewers, and the sunlight was warm and frustrating. The humans reeked of... human. The smell was frustrating. Being around the humans made him get stupider; Most humans were so, so stupid. Their stupidity was frustrating. And so Brux was fishing in the cool shadows, getting away from the disgusting scavengers and devious liars and backstabbers that flood and destroy Hollow; Those villainous cretin bastards who've overrun Kelay's streets. Beasts, all of them; Filthy beasts. A tug on the string brought the fermin from his thoughts and loosened his snout from its disgusted snarl. Hand over hand he quickly withdrew the rope from the water, tugging on it once to loosen it from a surprisingly tight hold. Strong fish, he imagined, but he must have broken its spirit, because after the first rough tug, he met up with no more
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What Am I?
I am the Robber of Bread
I am a Courier of Freights
I am a Pursuer of Game
I am the Sire of Young
I squeak, and I lumber
I snarl, and I burrow

I am the Bringer of Luck
I am a Summoner of Death
I am a Whisperer of Herds
I am the Giver of Rest
I roar, and I slither
I neigh, and I follow

I am the Master of Pranks
I am a Harbinger of Dawn
I am a Befriender of Man
I am the Lover of Feasts
I screech, and I swagger
I bark, and I wallow

Per annum my form will become that of the next,
a cycle of twelve ever changing, ever the same.
My birthplace is a land of fire, gold, and rising suns,
My eternal residance is a dozen celestial mansions.
I am a time-keeper, a match-maker,
A history lesson, and an ancient legend.
What am I?
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Mature content
Creative Duel 9 :iconnerfie:Nerfie 1 1
Gloria found that her sweater seemed incredibly itchy at that moment. She had been wearing it since that morning but only now did the wool stick to her skin and make her frantic. She pulled at her sleeve and stiffened her neck with hopes that if she didn’t move it would stop picking.  He called her name again.
Her gazed shifted slightly, the pen slipped limply out of her hand.
Gloria pulled at her collar.
“yes sorry, I was thinking that it would be best if we just kept the red. It gives them character.”
“that’s what I was saying. See she agrees.”
Gloria nodded silently and grabbed her pen.
Click click…click click…click click….quiet.
“that’s why we can’t have those around.” He pulled back the right side of his mouth into a playful sneer. The others laughed. Gloria dropped her pen on the table and smiled blithely. He pointed to a box on the tripod diagram and she began to wander away from her
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Dog Pile in the tavern by Satokit Dog Pile in the tavern :iconsatokit:Satokit 3 4
A Necessary Sequel
Ho hum. *boredom* I feel like writing, but no inspiration's hit. Ho hum.
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Artist | Literature
United States
Erm, I really like to write, though I often find myself too lazy to. Once I get going on a subject though, I'll go on and on and on about it. Mostly I like making up new stuff; characters, places, even races.

I want to be a novelist, not as my profession(thought it'd be nice), but just because I want my characters and my world to be read and seen.

I co-write with A-La-Roha, though she writes more often than I do(which is completely my fault), even when I hinder her from writing.

That's it, really. I'm a nerd, I like to write, and my hair is very, very bright. =D (My goodness, that rhymed, didn't it?)

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: The written word.
Operating System: I use Microsoft XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod, 3rd Generation
Shell of choice: Me
Wallpaper of choice: My Boba Fett one.
Skin of choice: My own.
Dear Satie,

I applaud you.

You have a nice skill.

You make me shiver.

You should sail with me more often.

Someday I will pay you.

You + me = Terror on the Seas.

If I saw you now I'd drag you onboard.

I want to hire you.

I would build a figurehead just for you.

If I could sing you any song it would be Ice Ice Baby.

We could duel under the stars.



(P.S. Nice ass.)
  • Listening to: Myself typing.
  • Reading: Legacy of the Drow
  • Watching: TrueBlood
  • Playing: Hollow
  • Eating: cookies!
  • Drinking: Water


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